Fingers? Forks? Spoon? Stress!

Have you ever been to a “formal” dinner where there are so many pieces of silverware on the table that it is hard to figure out where one place setting ends and the next begins?

There you are, all dressed up for this prestigious event and you take one look at the table and feel like the village idiot!

Then, the flashback to the years in Family and Consumer Science (or Home Economics as we older folks call it) where you learned, or better yet, were presented with this information that you were supposed learn, the proper way to set a table.

Who knew that one day, some of us may actually have to put those lessons into action!

So, there you are, sitting and carrying on a conversation with your table mates, whom you barely know, when the first course is set in front of you.

As you half listen to the topic at hand, you casually scan the others to see what piece of flatware they have decided to begin with.

I remember hearing that you always work your way from the outside in toward the plate.

Okay, that works as long as common sense tells you that this particular course requires the use of only a spoon or only a fork.

I mean eating a salad with a fork is the logical choice, as is sipping soup from a spoon.

But what if the staff presents you with a wonderful delicacy that you could, in your mind, use either the fork or the spoon!

What a conundrum!

Here, you’ve gotten all dressed up to attend a dinner where you are anticipating a nice, relaxing evening and you suddenly have indigestion from the stress of which one of the many pieces of flatware you are expected to use.

You boldly make a decision and choose a utensil.

Ahh, you guessed correctly and the dinner conversation continues with no one realizing the level of stress you just endured.

But wait, the staff is gathering the dishes and, oh no, another snap decision!

Do you set that piece of silverware off to the side or does it accompany your plate to the kitchen?

More stress, more decision making, more indigestion!

Is this really worth it?

Let’s alleviate this whole scenario by sticking with the basics, one knife, one fork and one spoon.

And yes, every once in a while, a few fingers! (But don’t tell your fancy Schmancy Limo Riding friends that!)

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