Setting the Table For Who?

Flatware is interesting.

It’s so interesting that I decided that a blog would be a great idea about it!

So If you survived my last post, get excited because this time we’re going to talk about setting the table and the neglected flatware in town.

Let’s start with setting the table. Why? Seriously…why? First of all…what exactly are we setting?  Is it like setting a perm in the 80s?

Big fluffy and really annoying?

I have no clue why we have to learn to set the table.  What if someone doesn’t want to set their flatware in a specific order?  What then?

Are they outcasts like the slotted spoon? I would like to take the time to visualize the setting of the table.  Watch this and then come back here to read the rest:


So there you have it.  The “proper” way to almost drown a baby.

What?  I thought that’d get your attention.  Just want to make sure you’re paying attention to my flatware rant.

If you’re still awake and reading this, then you totally get to know about my unsung hero…the slotted spoon.

If flatware could be something I offer all of my rich friends, I would totally do it.  Think about…the moment they arrive they get a box of new flatware with the coveted slotted spoon.  I would reserve such a wonderful “door prize” for people who rent from Palisades Limo because it is my absolute favorite limo company in the world and they get that my slotted spoon rant is legit.

Slotted spoons are like the superheros of the flatware world.

I’m being serious.

It’s the spoon that never stops leaking out fluid from it’s innards and frequently get’s stuck being alone. Are the other flatware jealous?

Who knows? Would you envy a holy mess?

Think about it….you can forget almost everything you know about flatware, and if I were to ask you which piece of flatware is the BEST at helping you strain things…you immediately think our super hero….the slotted spoon.

You just might even begin  to realize how detrimental it is to have one flatware set  that is missing a slotted spoon superman and you’re other flatware  might fall apart if you don’t take care of this serious situation.

In comes the slotted spoon for a brief distraction!  Taa Daa! All of a sudden everything is singing like in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast and your mother can rest because the Slotted Spoon is here to stay!

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