What’s More Useful A Spoon Or A Folk?

Let me just start this off by saying I couldn’t have had a better title in my opinion. This question is always looked at as a joke. This question has never been taken seriously by the masses. Just kidding. No seriously these utensils are no joke, just ask those cartoon characters that stab each other with folks..Yeah thought so. Anyways where was I? Oh yeah back to this dumb topic, lets begin.

I’ll be starting this off by naming off all the utensils we use all the time; spoons, forks, knifes, hell I’ll even add chopsticks because I have no life. Tableware, flatware, software, silverware, they all mean the same thing so why even bothering having each have their own category.¬†You know what? It just dawned on me.

Kitchen utensils

Why hasn’t someone invented this yet? Hell maybe after I’m done writing this I’ll invent this awesome idea. There should be like a pocketknife but instead of having knifes popping out of it why not have each form of silverware? Wouldn’t that make everyone’s life a bit easier?!

Besides the fact that we know that we all love our silverware I have an even better idea to investigate the issue even more closely. I suggest going to one of your favorite restaurants that has the fancy catering and the unique dishes. Whenever I’m in my favorite town Palisades Park, I always head to their restaurants because they have the best food ever! Whenever I get the chance to I always try to book a limo there just to show everyone I ride in style and I love having a good time there. However, I still think forks are my thing but thats’ just me being biased.

You can thank me later after you see me on your T.V screens. Anyways I’m going to try my hardest to now stay on topic and provide the answers you guys have been scratching your heads on ever since you were born.

Let’s put it like this.. let’s say someone robs your house and you are clearly outnumbered and all you have to fight back is a fork or a spoon. Choose one and choose wisely. I’m just going to say if you pick up the spoon then something is seriously wrong with you. PICK UP THE DAMN FOLK AND DEFEND YOURSELF. The hell is a spoon going to do for you?

With folks you can eat, fight, kill, whatever your little heart desires. Literally the only positive thing I can think about spoons is having it for soup. That’s about it. Forks give you the ability to cut your meat, cut your pizza, cut your birthday cake..ANYTHING.

My opinion is valid and I don’t care what spoons could do for you. That’s why young entrepreneurs go out of the way to sell forks and make money because no one wakes up one day and says “hey let’s go buy some spoons.” It ain’t happening. In conclusion we have learned that I’m an idiot and that folks have shown their dominance towards spoons. The end.

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